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We hope your weekend rocks! As always, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog on the right hand side. Here are some of the most interesting articles we came across this week:

Consider the Coconut: Into the Gloss

The Icky Truth about Cantaloupe: Prevention Magazine

The Ten Best Stores for Shopping on a Budget: Racked NY

Eva Chen: Now Trending at Lucky Magazine: NY Times

We are also gearing up for NYFW…which show are you most excited to tune in and see?

Blow dryers are costly, but necessary. With tons of different affordable and higher end brands, finding one that suits you can be deceiving. So, we found our top picks below so your task is easier!

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Infiniti Pro by Conair: $40.99

Affordable, colorful and going to get the job done.

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T3 Featherweight: $170.00

A professional hair dryer that guarantees results and is bound to give your hair the shiny boost it needs.


Misikko HANAair: $190.00

We love this pick because the quality is high-end, the brand is recognized in the fashion industry as one of the leading manufacturers, and this piece is bound to give you the results you want for the price you pay.

What blow dryer do you use?

We loved watching the TCA’s last night because first, the fashion, and secondly, our favorite celebs come out for a celebratory night. Along with Lea’s heartfelt message about Cory, here are some of the highlights below. Who do you think rocked the red carpet?



Selena looked sexy and very sophisticated in her cutout dress. We love that she wore a pair of simple stilettos to show off her stunning legs, and her hair looked perfect and complimented the dress well.


Both stars from Pretty Little Liars are known for their fashionable clothes on set, so seeing them off set and on the red carpet is exciting! We don’t love Ashley’s choice of shoes, but her outgoing and bold look is fun and young. Shay looked great with her pop of color in the shoes and simple and sexy look on top.


 We praise Lea for even getting up on stage! She looks cute and innocent in her pink frock. We can’t blame her!

Images via Google Images.

Images via Google Images.


After a rainy week stuck inside, we are prepping for a great weekend by the beach. SPF is so necessary to protect your skin and keep it healthy and fresh all weekend long.

Larabar Chocolate Chip Brownie Food Bar

One of our fav sweet treats are Larabars. Larabars are just a few ingredients churned together for a great on-the-go snack. Opt for ones with less sugar.



A decent sunhat is necessary in the summer, especially after walking around outside for hours on end. Try places like Bloomingdales, TJ.Maxx and Walmart for cute options.



Our top choice for a shaving cream is by eos. Affordable and found at almost every drug store, eos is the perfect way for a bump free shave, and won’t have you feeling itchy or dry afterward.




Our top choice for a mens shaving cream is this one by J Paul.  ”Rich with glycerin, jojoba oil and aloe, Glide shave cream creates a natural barrier on the skin and keeps the blade away from the skin leaving it highly moisturized, smoother longer and less irritated for a closer and more comfortable shave.”




Of course, anything by Kiehl’s is always on our list. We love this one (even though its a bit pricier) a smooth shave ensures.

What do you use for your shaving cream, or are you more of a soap person?

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We love this do because it’s simple but very classic and refined. It’s also very sexy.

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Another great look with the beautiful accessories and intricate details. Perfect for an elaborate dress!

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The simple side bun is the most traditional and secure route to go, but always works with any dress.

Here at ChicShave, our goal is to bring you the perfect and smoothest shave time after time. Therefore, right now we are working on everything to get our product right and suitable for you to use time after time. With every new company, things go wrong and right, so we are getting used to new things happening (some very exciting!) Right now ChicShave is working on gaining all you amazing new customers and hoping to become as big and renowned as Birchbox. Thanks for understanding while we settle into our new lifestyle ;)

Today it’s all about the wedding hair! This is the perfect season to plan your wedding, and what better than have a beautiful hair do as well as very smooth legs? Get inspired by these great looks above!

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It’s already almost August! One week of summer left. Bummer. But there is still time to get your summer body in shape. That means less cookies and preservatives and more leafy veggies and sautéed veggies. We happen to love kale, bok choy and collard greens, but there are so many options for healthy meals picking just one is hard! Or try a green juice for an easy and healthy meal.

Here are a few healthy menu options we came across on the internet we wanted to share with you.

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Lime Coconut Chicken- Mel’s Kitchen

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Stuffed Green Peppers- Recipe Sweet

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Fruit Pizza- Katy’s Kitchen

What are you making tonight?

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Alexa Chung manages to be the most effortless and sexy girl on the planet. Her wavy bob is off-duty chic, and we encourage everyone to try this hairstyle at least once in their life.




The side braid is a great option for a night on the town. We love Nicole’s blonde and brown ombre hair, and the Grecian look with the bun in the back.




Bangs have been everywhere in 2013. Rachel’s hair is wavy and simple, but a great addition to a night on the town.

What are you excited for in this hair age?

How important is it to have a summer playlist for every event? Picnics, days by the beach, a long run by the water…here are some of our fav tunes right now!

Passion Pit

Jay Z- Magna Carta

Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines

What are you currently listening to? Comment below!